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Small Ruminant Health


Whether you have ruminant animals (sheep, goat or deer) as a hobby or for profit, maintaining ideal health is critical.  Each ruminant species has unique components to its digestive system, which requires individual feeding, treatment and health care maintenance.


Maintaining Annual Wellness will ensure a long, healthy and profitable relationship for you and all of your animals!


Dr. Gardner is certified by the State to do Cervidae Herd Health Testing and Certification of your High Fence Operation.


Whatever your need or concern may be Pryor Veterinary Hospital has you covered!


• Annual Wellness Care (Herd Health Management Plans, Vaccinations, Deworming)

• 24 Hour Emergency Services (Within the Practice Service Area)

• Herd Health Planning and Management

• In House Diagnostics

• Laser Therapy

• Reproduction Management

• CWD Testing

• TB Testing

• Brucellosis Testing

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