Equine Health


For horse people, there is no greater bond than the one you share with your horse. You spend hours, days, weeks and months training these animals to ensure a safe, fun and productive relationship for both of you. This relationship involves a level of communication that only you and your horse can understand.  Maintaining Annual Wellness will ensure a long and healthy relationship for you and all of the animals in your barns and pastures!


If your well-trained horse suddenly misbehaves or just seems off it could be a sign that something medically is wrong. Delay in medical treatment could result in further decline. Whatever your need or concern may be, Pryor Veterinary Hospital has you covered!


• Annual Wellness Care (Physical Exam, Vaccination, Deworming, Coggins)

• 24 hour Emergency Care (Within the Practice Service Area)

• Comprehensive Dental Care

• Comprehensive Lameness Diagnostics and Treatment (Lameness Locator)

• Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound Imaging

• Pre Purchase Exams

• Endoscopy

• Herd Health Planning and Management

• In House Diagnostics

• Laser Therapy

• Reproduction Management