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Rodeo Stock Health


Bovine Athleticism and Performance Health go beyond pleasure. It’s your livelihood. You want the most well trained in Animal Health and the Doctors at Pryor Veterinary Hospital specialize in this market to help you become more successful. If you’re new to Pryor Vet, you’ll find everything you need below to maximize the health and well being of your herd and your bottom line.



• Herd Health Management

• Reproduction (Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, Embryo Flush)

• Lameness Issues

• Performance Issues

• Functional Hoof Care

• Bucking Stock Management (Testing, Health Papers, PBR/ABBI Paperwork, Event Preparation)

• Breeding Soundness Exams

• Sale Services

• Cattle Background Management

• In House Diagnostics

• 24 Hour Emergency Services (Within Practice Service Area)

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