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Companion Animal Health


Life is pretty simple when we’re in good health. The best way to maintain good health is through Annual Wellness Care (physical exams, blood work, vaccines, spays and neuters). Certainly our goal at Pryor Veterinary Hospital is to help keep your pet's life pretty simple, but we realize that, as with humans, life isn’t always that easy.


Our pets have a high tolerance for pain. The most effective way to achieve ideal health when your pet “just isn’t right” is to address it promptly. By the time your pet is showing signs or symptoms of pain or discomfort, he or she is already experiencing a higher threshold of pain than you and I can tolerate. The doctors and staff of Pryor Veterinary Hospital are highly skilled in identifying these signs and symptoms. These skills, coupled with the best in diagnostics and treatment, ensures your pet will be back to feeling normal in no time.


With our emergency services, there is no need to wait until the next business day. If you think it’s an emergency, it is. The only time we would be upset, is if you were worried and didn’t make the call.  Your pet's health and life may just depend on immediate treatment.


Whether you’re looking for routine care, or more advanced health care for your pets we’re here for you.


• Annual Wellness Care (Physical Exams, Blood Work, Vaccines, Spay and Neuter)

• Emergency services until 8:00 pm

• In House Diagnostics (Lab Work)

• X-ray and Ultrasound Imaging

• Surgery

• Laser Therapy Treatment

• Dental Care

• Hip/Elbow Certifications (OFA's)

• International and US Health Certificates

• Reproduction (Traditional and Surgical Artificial Insemination, Semen Evaluation, Cesarean procedures, and Imaging)


At Pryor Veterinary Hospital, you’re not just our clients, you’re our friends.

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